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Scott Salzman

Thanks for sharing this tip, Michael.





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You can actually enable Global Keyboard Shortcut by go to your Zoom Settings menu. To do that, press Tab Key until you heard settings. When you get to the settings menu, Press enter on it. 

After you pressed Enter, Press Down Arrow until you find Keyboard Shortcut. Press Space bar to get in to Keyboard Shortcut. then press Tab until you heard the following from your Screen Reader: "Learn more Enable Global Shortcut Button" Then press Down Arrow to find the keyboard shortcut that you want to enable. The keyboard shortcut are grouped in to a table, therefore you can Press CTRL+Ault plus  the arrow keys to navigate across the list of shortcut.  

 I hope the following information can be beneficial. 

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Alt + control + shift doesn’t work. Well actually, I can’t tell, because NVDA is not telling me whether the controls have appeared or not. I’m using tab to navigate but I’m still getting nothing.




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Ok Thanks. I’ll try again now




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I've not experienced Zoom freezing, though I should note that I only use screen readers for testing, and not for routine use.  That said, I've spent a good bit of time using Zoom with NVDA and JAWS over the past week or so, and I've taken to exclusively using the Zoom keyboard commands, because they're so much easier and faster than using a mouse and hunting for the controls.


As far as the issue of it being difficult to tell which Zoom window is the one with your session, whenever I use Control+Alt+Shift, that always brings me back to the Zoom window with the session, and the Zoom controls.  You might consider using Alt+Tab to switch between Zoom and other applications, and then use Control+Alt+Shift whenever you want to switch back to Zoom.  It should guarantee both a single keyboard command, and getting to the correct Zoom window.






So I tried everything… it seems that Zoom keeps freezing. I also hear when I’m switching between different windows with Alt Tab, there are two windows of Zoom open when in a meeting. I think it’s the Zoom application and the meeting controls… but I can’t tell, since I’m having issues navigating. I did enable always show meeting controls in the accessibility settings.




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Thank you so much. I’ll be sure to try out your suggestions. I’ll let you know how everything goes.








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