Re: Does nvda work with Microsoft teams?

hurrikennyandopo ...

On 2/04/2020 9:43 pm, Eilana Benish wrote:

hello everybody

I have installed today Microsoft team app For Windows ten 64 bit

I am working with NVDA 2019.3.1  with vocalizer Expressive addons for NVDA with English and Hebrew voices

the problem I have with Microsoft teams is that when moving between different programs ,and then returning to Microsoft teams app I no longer hear NVDA speech on the Microsoft teems app. NVDA keeps speaking  on windows in all of the programs I use to work with but not on Microsoft teems app. I can see the focus moves between the different elements of the program but no speech .by the way this is happens also with JAWS 2019. Only if I restart my computer and then restart NVDA and then open the Microsoft Teams app ,NVDA works with speech on the app .

Also I have tried to change TTS to the windows one core voice and two other voices  - and the issue still happening.

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