locked Looking for An Antivirus software for my computer

Ibrahim Ajayi

Hi good people:
Please I am looking for a very good antivirus software, that can
effectively work with the screen reader without any problems.
I previously used microsoft security essentials, but microsoft has
stopped supporting windows 7 8 and xp operating systems, and since I
use windows7, the software is now useless because it can not be
updated any longer.
I tried out Avira at a time, but it slowed down my computer seriously,
making it extremely difficult to use the system. I also tried out
Avast at a time, but it interfered all the time with the screen
reader. Getting to remove it from my computer was a problem, and I
had to get sighted assistance to do just that for me.
Right now, my computer is now exposed to risk.
So, please kindly recommend a free antivirus software that will not
slow down my computer, and will not interfere with the functionality
of the screen reader.
Looking forward to read from you lovely people.
Thanking you all in advance.

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