Re: website has run time error


Usually, Mack, runtime error means the website encountered some sort
of problem & has nothing to do w/you or your choices. Had your card
not been able to be approved, then you should have received a message
explaining that, as in, "card was declined, please try entering your
details again."

On 4/6/20, mcLeod stinnett <> wrote:

from mack I was trying to place an order at and when I hit place order I got a run time
error. they were able to place my order over the phone. my question is, are
all of the numbers that are required able to be selected with the keyboard?
when using N v d a I put in my credit card number. but when I enter the
month of expiration which is10, and then tab once to the rite, it says list
and I arrow down once and it says 06. if I select 12, and tab to the rite
once it says list and I arrow down once and it says 08. am I dealing with a
virtual keyboard, where I am not selecting what I think I am? If so, is
there a way around this. Or, maybe every thing is selectable and the
website is just messed up, thanks.

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