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Hi Ron

use the nvda key + letter U to toggle between beep, beep and speak, speak and none.

Gene nz

On 7/04/2020 2:01 pm, Ron Kolesar wrote:
Hello again from Ron Kolesar.
How can I have the down load and or install progress reports both say the progress and beep the progress?
Currently, I only can have the progress messages say the progress and would like NVDA to both tell me the down load and or install progress and also beep the progress as well.
Second question concerns the dictionary.
Can one have multiple dictionary folders with different dictionary files in those dictionary ?
For example, in the jaws dictionary main folder I have a default folder with every day words in it.
Then I have a Flight Simulator dictionary with for example the abbreviation for Indiana as in, and the word login as log in in separate folders so when it sees Log In, it doesn't read the word in as Indiana.
Also, is there a way it would be easier if we could do the following, can one some how copy the JAWS dictionaries into NVDA Dictionaries?
In short, for starters, is there a way to open the jaws dictionary file into say notepad or what have you and either throw all of those pronunciation dictionary entrees into NVDA, or even better, some how import the dictionaries folders and files into NVDA so one doesn't have to rewrite all of the dictionary entrees allover once again.
Also, is there a way to back up those folds that would be full of pronuiation files as well like you can the JAWS dictionary files as well?
I also noticed the following while using my Windows Live mail for my mail.
I notice that to read a letter via NVDA, I need to do the following.
1. open the letter.
2. Back tab once and I'll see edit document.
3. do a ctrl home to go to the top of the letter.
4. then read the letter.
Where in Jaws, I only have to abuse either the enter keys and or the spacebar to open the letter and once the letter is opened, it automatically starts reading the letter to me like it should.
I'm noticing several small improvements in NVDA over JAWS, but the juerry is still out yet if I'll completely switch over to NVDA or not just yet.
I mainly wanted to learn NVDA because using the program Microsoft Flighth Simulator version 10 with the add on programs is suppose to work better within NVDA over using JAWS.
I also have given Microsoft several recommendations and suggestions on how to make their current project that's still scheduled to be released on October 13th, 2020.
On how a blind person interacts with one's pc via both JAWS and or NVDA and what I like about FSX and what I'd like to see in the up coming Flight Simulator 2020 project.
I know with my interests if I were sighted, I would have hhad a career in the air and hope to have made the right stuff to qualify for the sadly gutted out retired space shuttle and or a tour of duty onboard the space station.
Very Thankfully Yours,
Ron who's slowly learning NVDA.
Ron Certified Volunteer Emergency Communicating Station and also Certified Volunteer Licensed Ham Radio Station, both by the call sign of, KR3DOG
In the good old days of Morse code Shorthand, 73's AKA Best Regards and or Best Whishes,From
Ron Kolesar
Volunteer Certified Licensed Emergency Communications Station
Volunteer Certified Licensed Ham Radio Station
With the Call Sign of KR3DOG

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