Likeing content on facebook as a page.

Martin O'Sullivan


I manage a page on Facebook.  and sometimes when I see content which is relevant to that page,  I need to "like" the content as the page, and not as me.

Facebook gives you an option to do this with a little Submenu, which drops down.  
I can get to the menu, get it to drop down, but that is it.

NVDA does not find the menu options.  I have tried for two days now just to get NVDA to access this menu.  but I just can’t.

Does anyone know how to get NVDA to access the menu?

I have tried tabbing, Browse  and Focus mode, using the elements list.  Surely  there is a way of accessing this menu.

I have got a work around at the moment; however, this is not grate.  
Currently, the only way I can access the menu, is If I already know what it says.

So, here Is what I do However I am open to better suggestions.

1 I find the little submenu button, on the post which I want to like.
2 I press enter on that.
3 I press  NVDA key + CTRL + F
4 I then search for the word “PERSONAL” because I worked out that that word would always appear when the menu dropped down I found this by examining the page code.
Once NVDA has been positioned on the word “PERSONAL” then I can navigate the menu.
5 I then select the page, which I want to like the content as.
6 I press enter and proceed to like the content in the normal way.

Please say that there is a better way of doing this.

Martin O'Sullivan
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