MS-Word Template for Reporting NVDA Issues/Bugs in GitHub


As much as I'd like to be able to say, "Oh, it's simple," to actually enter the information requested in an issue/bug report in GitHub for NVDA, it really isn't because of what's asked for and that an edit-box doesn't make it easy to get yourself in the right place to enter specific pieces of information requested.    I believe it is critically important for the NVDA user community to actually report issues/bugs they have encountered, as that is the only way the development team can be made aware of them.  Of course, before you'd create a new issue you would want to search the open issues to see if someone "got there first" with what you intend to report, and just add a comment to the existing issue in that case.

But toward the end of making it much easier to report a bug to the folks at NVAccess I have taken their issue report format and created an MS-Word document template that takes you through, item by item, for the information requested.  I'd like to get some input from anyone who has an interest in using this by sharing my first swing at this.  I need to perfect the actual instructions I include in the template, that would allow the completely uninitiated to be able to use the form successfully then, after filling it out, unprotect it so that the entire report itself can be copied and pasted into the edit box in GitHub, already perfectly formatted.

Please contact me privately, using the Reply to Sender link that should be at the bottom of this message if you want to be one of my testers and to offer your input regarding what needs to be tweaked.  The only thing I'll ask, in advance, is that those who are already used to doing these reports need to understand that the prompts I give as you land in the various items are aimed at newbies.  Once you know what belongs there you can just shut NVDA up and start typing.

Once I get this to a state where I think it's ready for primetime I'll write up a formal set of step-by-step instructions on what you need to do in order to use it successfully.  Some of that is what will be worked out during "beta testing."  You will not actually be submitting any issues as part of this.  This exercise does not even require you to have a GitHub account.


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