Re: Some issues coming between Google Chrome and NVDA

Simone Dal Maso

Google Chrome on my opinion should be removed from supported NVDA browser.
It is absolutely not usable, at least on my three pc.
I opened a ticket about this:

Il 10/08/2016 21:02, Dejan Ristic ha scritto:
Both the previous and the current version of Chrome have decreased some
accessibility features as far as Facebook and Google Translate are

When I type in the search field what I wish to find on Facebook, I am no
longer able to hear the list of the items found when I use the up and
down arrows to go through them after I have typed my search term. NVDA
only pronounces my search term when I up and down, but does not show the
list of the items found as it did before. Compare Mozilla Firefox with
Chrome, and all will be clear. The same goes for the Opera browser.

As for Google Translate, it is impossible for me to choose between the
list of the source and target languages. The only NVDA-output
pronounciation is: "list submenu expanded" and "list submenu collapsed".
The same goes for the Opera browser.

When I handle it by Mozilla Firefox, I succeed in choosing between the
desired source and target languages. It means that both lists are spoken

I use the latest version of NVDA, and the latest version of both Chrome
and Opera.

My operating system is: Windows 7 Ultimate, 64bit.

Allow me to ask you whether you shake hands with the same issues?

Thankful in advance,


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