locked Re: Thunderbird talking way too much


Hmmm I also hear when its loading a message.

Thinking on it now outlook does this and yeah I could get used to the new interface I guess.

On 9/04/2020 11:58 am, hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:

I must of just got a update this morning.

The first time I checked the emails etc no extra verbage.

Just opened it now and am getting what you said as in

it will tell you it is downloading messages from your accounts and how many. I just hit the ctrl key at present when it done that.

Just been reading some messages it will tell you the amount of unread messages etc and when you delete them etc

Will have more of a sus but I think apart from when it goes to download the messages I probably do not mind the rest been spoken.

Will also check if the status bar is disabled will it be spoken then?

I am guessing for messages been deleted it will.

Gene nz

On 9/04/2020 11:34 am, Mary Otten wrote:
Thanks, David, for that hint about disabling the status bar. I’m going to try that, and if that works, then that would be great. Otherwise, I will report in exact detail in accordance with Brian‘s request about what exactly it was saying. But right now, I’m outside enjoying a rather nice day for once in what is usually rainy Oregon.
On Apr 8, 2020, at 3:34 PM, David Csercsics <bleeblat@...> wrote:

I got the 68.7 update today and noticed it was chatty. It was reading the status bar, so I disabled that, and it's less verbose. You can disable the status bar from view -> toolbars.

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