Re: another thunderbird issue with focus loss this time


It is a dangerous security breach to allow remote content.  You will allow bugs that can track you to be installed if you ever open a spam message by mistake, a lot of such messages have tracking bugs.  You will allow images and other content to run that may have malware.  Do  not do this. 
If you don’t know what the effects of lowering such settings are, don’t do it.  Ask here or look up information, but don’t just lower such settings without knowing what they do.  Go back to an earlier version of the program or Try to solve the problem in other ways.  In this case, going back involves creating a new profile.  I don’t know what is involved or how difficult it is.  The work and inconvenience may be more than the problem you are trying to solve.  I don’t know.  I’ll let others discuss that, but change the external content setting bacdk to what it was, not to allow it.  Perhaps setting the program not to use the spam filter or to not send anything to the spam folder might solve the problem if it is the junk diallog you are trying to eliminate.  I don’t know if there are such settings, but checck thoroughly.
I have said in the past that you shouldn’t just let the program update any time it feels like doing so.  Maybe now, people will start to listen.  Set the program not to update and don’t do so until some time goes by so you know if you see problems and complaints reported by others who have updated.  You would have saved yourself a lot of problems by doing this. 
There may be programs where it is important to let the program update.  A browser may be one.  An e-mail ;program isn’t such a program.  If you update now or a week from now, won’t matter.

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I noticed this to, luckily I have made it so that thunderbirg allows
remote content and this seems to have so far made things work.
Thunderbird spam and junk filters are a joke, I don't know why there
is not a way to rely on something like google's spam mail and turn off
its own or just use an external source, maybe there is I have just
never investigated this.
However google has a really good spam filter and usually gets it right.

On 09/04/2020, Mary Otten <maryotten@...> wrote:
> There is another issue that has cropped up since the update today. If
> you arrow in your message list and hit a message that t-bird thinks
> might be junk, some sort of box comes up informing you of that fact and
> offering choices, one of which is a button labeled "not junk". Press
> space on that, and what I expect to happen would be that I'd be put back
> in my messages list. But what seems to happen is that I'm some how stuck
> in the first part of the message that t-bird thought might be junk. I
> can't get out of that. The only thing I can do is close the app and
> re-open. What a waste of time! I've never seen this dialogue before
> about what t-bird thinks is junk, and I don't want to see it. If I think
> it is junk, I'll act accordingly, and  don't need an app interfering.
> How can I get rid of that?
> \Mary

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