Re: How can I get the date from a Braille display?

Sarah k Alawami

I don't use a braille display, and You I think said you did this but what happens if you use insert f12, f12, then look at your display. Does the date show then? Sorry if I seem stupid, but I am in terms of braille displays. Lool!

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On 9 Apr 2020, at 10:56, Daniel Gartmann wrote:



Yes. This would work. But I want the same, convenient way of reading the date without leaving the application I am working in, but from my Braille keyboard.


If I use Windows+b, I am taken out of the application and have to get back to it using Alt+tab.


Thanks for the input.






Fra: <> På vegne af David Griffith
Sendt: 9. april 2020 17:19
Emne: Re: [nvda] How can I get the date from a Braille display?


I cannot completely vouch for this working with a braille display as I am only just getting to grips with this myself but using a qwerty keyboards windows B and arrowing until focus is on the clock will announce not just the time but the date with speech in NVDA.

I hope that you get the same result with a braille display.

David Griffith


From: <> On Behalf Of Daniel Gartmann
Sent: 09 April 2020 15:47
Subject: [nvda] How can I get the date from a Braille display?



Hi all,


On a laptop keyboard, I am able to get the date by pressing NVDA F12 twice quickly.


On my Freedom Scientific Focus40 Blue, I can’t seem to do two presses quickly of NVDA+F12. The second press of F12 just sends an F12 through and I get the Save As dialog.


Any suggestions greatly appreciated.




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