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On Thu, Apr 9, 2020 at 02:42 PM, Gene wrote:
The developers of Firefox and Thunderbird have intentionally made their programs accessible.
There's nothing exceptional about that.   Virtually every major player in the software world has cared about accessibility for a while now.

Having been in software development from the mid-1980s through late 1990s, I can say definitively that accessibility was a second thought, if that, for the vast majority of software companies then.  Even those that did it did a pretty lousy job of it, too.  It just wasn't taken seriously.  That has changed, and in a big way.

Accessibility principles in coding are now taught in many, if not most, computer science degree programs.  Accessibility is no longer being grafted on as an afterthought, but baked in.   And I can assure you, this is not because anyone makes any money on this, in fact, it costs quite a bit that will never be made back in hard cash.  But, what all major companies want, not quite as much as hard cash but still want, is to burnish their images by "doing good" or "doing what's right."  Mind you, they're not doing either of those things for those reasons, but because it's good PR, and good PR is worth its weight in platinum.

Not ever having been inside during this era, I can't say how accessibility development and testing is actually handled by the various companies, but I'll bet they each have their own methods.   But no matter how good the development and testing, there will always be issues that crop up, and I beg those who find them to report them.  If a given company has expended great effort on accessibility it only makes sense that they want these reports.

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