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On Thu, Apr 9, 2020 at 03:47 PM, Gene wrote:
at the same time, it shouldn’t be almost all our responsibility.
Sorry, (and that's without snark) but it is always going to be "almost all our responsibility" when it comes to advocacy for tiny minorities.  It just goes with the territory.

That's something I tried to teach all of my clients when I was doing brain injury rehab, too.  No one knows what it's like, really, to actually live with one, if they aren't actually doing just that and those who are compose a minuscule part of the human population.  Speaking up for yourselves is the only way you'll be heard, and that generally requires virtually continual effort.  It just goes with the territory and your numbers.

And while I think it would be absolutely fabulous were every software development company to be able to recruit a decent cadre of screen reader users for testing, I don't ever see that happening.   To be a professional tester you generally need to be very proficient not only with a screen reader but with the underlying software being tested and that combination doesn't come around often.  But I definitely think that all companies could come up with the accessibility testing equivalent of the Microsoft Insiders program, where folks volunteer to test as a part of their daily, casual use of the next generation of program X and are expected to file issue reports as needed.  You are absolutely correct that direct outreach is likely the only way that any sort of critical mass in accessibility users doing accessibility testing will ever occur.  To be honest, even if that outreach is done, I am not convinced that it ever will.  But that doesn't make the effort not worth undertaking, as it would undoubtedly be an improvement.

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