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Well I wish there was a direct way to contact them.

I was able to login to their forum but I couldn't make heads of the pages on it or maybe I wasn't looking properly.

I know there is twitter and I have twblue but after what twitter did to their streaming support well we are not exactly friendly, I'll use it if I must, but I'd still prefer a direct email contact.

Right now the status bar is to verbose.

And having almost every message stating it has remote content in it is why I have that turned off right now.

All I want to know is if the html with headings and the like will load.

I don't care if there is malware in it, all I care is if removing it or stripping it will efect the message I am viewing and any links especially if they are ones I was expecting like in a news letter.

I do appreciate the extra feadback but I am getting so much at once.

Now if all that feadback could be converted into a different sound and I could customise those sounds to my liking and or have a soundtheme that came with thunderbird, then I think it could be manageable.

Luckily I have junk filters off but I'd really like either a sound for potential junk or a way for thunderbird to improve their junk filters.

What is the use of saying there is potentially bad content in a message when every message has that potential especially since most are html.

What is the point of every message being potentially flagged is spam when most of them are not.

I am not angry but right now, I just turn it off and I get round it that way.

However there must be an easier way to handle all this information.

Right now I am getting so much feedback it may as well be noise.

If there is a remote content stripper or something that would be fine.

I don't use or need images, I want the page and headings, and links to display properly.

I'd also like the ability to have all links exposed so if I was given a click here I could see what it was.

Is there something allready or do I need to report all this.

Also how to do it, have have users sent requests and such to thunderbird before.

I'd dearly much would like to do this.

On 10/04/2020 2:38 am, Brian Vogel wrote:
My guess is that the good folks at Thunderbird had gotten complaints that it was impossible to know, for instance, whether all new e-mail had completed downloading when you fired up T-bird at the start of the day, and decided to expose a lot more information presented on the status bar to the screen reader.

What they probably hadn't counted on is the fact that a screen reader will detect changes and read them as they're detected, and that's really, really irritating if you're reading your e-mail messages and status stuff just barges in while doing so.

If they have sighted folks doing testing for these new functions, it wouldn't surprise me if they just sat there when the status bar was really active watching to see that it was being reported correctly, never moving along like one normally would into reading messages.  And I can get that, as even though I have the status bar displayed, I virtually never look at it at all.  The occasional glance occurs, but I wouldn't really miss it at all if it weren't there by default.

It's well-nigh impossible for most of us who see to have any real idea of exactly how screen reader users typically approach using various pieces of software (and I include myself, though I do have at least some idea at this point).  And there will never be enough in-house actual screen reader users doing accessibility testing.  That's one of the reasons I push so hard to get folks who encounter accessibility issues to file bug/issue/trouble reports with the companies that produce the software.  You all are able to give a far more accurate description of what the software is doing that you don't want with the screen reader as well as what the preferred behavior would be.  Also, given your years of end-user experience, you're often in a far better position to know whether the issue you're having is with the screen reader or due to a change in the software you're using the screen reader to access, and that's often the key to getting to the root of the problem as well as the fix.


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