Re: Some issues coming between Google Chrome and NVDA


I've many problems too, but I use next for NVDA. the thing is Chrome sometimes works fine, sometimes it doesn't. So, I think one thing is supported, other thing is partially supported or supported when Chromium team doesn't change things.

Note that the evaluations of how accessible is the product depends of the user... I use chrome because my chromecast need it and well, because I know many programs that are less usable than chrome, but I can't say it works correctly, only that it is usable.

Is something similar to the accessibility of windows 10 aniversary... the insiders are happy with the accessibility provided, I think it works fine, but many end users think that some things don't work.



El 11-08-2016 a las 8:13, Gene escribió:
I'd have to update my Chrome and find out.  I almost never use Chrome.  Since I have seen not one complaint other than yours, and since many list members use Chrome, at this time, I suspect that you are having problems that others, at least in general, aren't having.  I may experiment with Chrome later today, depending on what others say. 
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Il 11/08/2016 10:43, Gene ha scritto:
> Failure of Chrome to remain accessible with two Google apps does not
> render it unsupported by NVDA.

Gene, if you read my ticket, you will discover that Chrome is not able
to read headings, some links, and there are xml parsing error and really
ttones of errors.
What I'd like to know is if I am the only one that can't use Chrome.
If you open with chrome, can you surf it?

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