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Jean a big issue is stability.

I have 1 machine here.

So I could test something, then it screws up everything.

Then I need to reinstall what that is, or completely reformat and reinstall the os.

Technically I do have another machine but no room to test it.

I could vm things I guess but that could be hit and miss at times to.

Your average user wants to get their stuff and go.

Back in the day I did try to do this.

It can be done, but its rough.

A bug can appear which looks worse than it is but isn't noticable until you think smaller.

Winamp plugins can get out of date, in this example, I was testing dolphin maps.

My system was all loopy because of 1 little file in 1 folder.

That file was causing the app to malfunction  badly.

But it looked like an os issue.

Running the fixes didn't help, running several reformat didn't help.

It was only after my 10th reformat of the day that I decided to look at the maps I had installed on test, I found the map causing the issue and reported it.

However after that experience, unless I get a bigger desk and another machine to test unstable stuff on that if it screws up and I need to reformat regularly and it doesn't matter, I won't be doing that.

I don't have room right now for either and  I am to chicken to try again.

I have enough issue keeping all things updated on my stable system, doing my testing and other things and living my life without a system going down because of something trivial.

That was back in my teens and 20s.

I will be 38 this year, my time seeing what this button does is over.

If it really screws up like it did last year, then it screwed up but I don't care or enjoy fixing it anymore if it does.

I would prefur not to cause things to screw up by chance.

On 10/04/2020 6:23 am, Gene wrote:
You would expect interested blind users to receive alpha and beta releases and send comments.  And if there aren’t, Mozilla should recruit testers.  It is just plain bad procedure not to have releases evaluated by such users as a matter of policy and that is why so many programs such as Malware Bytes, are accessible in one version, have serious accessibility problems in the next, and then are finally fixed in a later release.
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On Thu, Apr 9, 2020 at 12:42 PM, Gene wrote:
My question is why this wasn’t caught by reports from blind people before the release version.
Gene, do you honestly think that there were many, if any, based on what has been seen here and on other screen reader and associated technology groups?

My point, which seems to have eluded you, is that I constantly see complaints about issues, but when I (or you, or anyone else) bring up the fact that you must report them if you want to have any hope of their being resolved there is generally nothing but the proverbial crickets in response.

I have no reason to believe, based on what I have observed on multiple blind technology related groups, that most (and I do mean most, the vast majority most) screen reader users have ever filed a trouble ticket/bug report.  And until or unless they do they should not expect prompt attention to issues that may not even have been recognized.

Each user demographic is and should be responsible for advocating for themselves by reporting the issues they encounter to those who can fix them.  No one else will, or should.

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