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Well the only thing the statusbar needs to do actually is simply be a blank statusbar and continue not reading so I can continue to get my progress as normal.

I'd like to be able to customise things so actions I do have sounds maybe but I don't need a running log output which is what is currently happening.

I liked it when the status bar was useless but if its going to have information then I'd like a way to customise things.

On 10/04/2020 11:23 am, Adriani Botez wrote:
Is the information in the status bar very critical? Is it needed to be able to use Thunderbird?
If not, then I suggest to open a bug with Mozilla requesting to include only critical information in the status bar. And write them exactly which information should be excluded from reporting.



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Depending on what is causing it, it might be best to either:

  • Create a new NVDA issue on GitHub: if NVDA is at fault.
  • Report this to Mozilla via Bugzilla: if it is Thunderbird doing this.




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By the way, there appears to be a related bug on NVDA in GitHub, kind of:  NVDA fails to see text in the status bar of Mozilla Thunderbird 68 and newer
This bug was originally opened in November 2019.  It was the flip side of the current ultra verbose problem.  

However, a comment added yesterday reads, "This has been resolved in Thunderbird version 68.7.0. However, the new issue is that NVDA now tends to automatically read whatever Thunderbird displays in its status bar, thereby making the screen reader quite verbose. I suggest that the auto-reading of the status bar in Thunderbird version 68.7.0 and newer be suppressed. This is with NVDA Version alpha-19925,2d73010e."

There are others here who can advise, since this is the case, whether it's worth creating a new, separate bug or whether, based on the comment, which appears to have been seen by the those who check the reports since two tags, "app/thunderbird" and "bug," were added in response to that comment yesterday.  There's no point in creating a separate bug if it would either be merged into this existing one, or if the comment will trigger an issue split out in to a separate issue.  It's a question of where to comment, and whether that should wait or just occur on the end of the existing bug, even though the main problem description for that bug doesn't match the current issue.

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