locked Re: Bug Reports: Thunderbird talks too much


Joseph, et. al.,

       Based on your latest comment I have created a new GitHub issue for NVDA:  NVDA reads Thunderbird Status Bar, intruding on anything else you're doing.

       The information included is a direct link to both the Bugzilla bug filed by Shaun Everiss and the other NVDA issue I mentioned previously.

       Unless I am mistaken, this behavior appears to have started only with the installation of Thunderbird 68.7.  If it is happening in earlier dot releases of 68 then will those experiencing it there please add a comment to the issue indicating same, and specifying the version of Tbird they're having the issue with.  

        I am currently using NVDA 2019.3.1 and do not know if this occurs with the same Tbird release, but an earlier NVDA release.


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