locked Status Line In Thunderbird

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

With all the discussion of this extra verbiage with Thunderbird as concerns the status line, I have a suggestion. Actually this has already been mentioned here, but it is quite easy.  If you want the status line--which i do, when you are reading messages or moving up/down lists of messages in folder, just press alt + V for view, followed by enter and then the letter U for status line.  If it's on it will turn off.  Then when you  are browsing folder lists or receiving mail you can turn it on by using the same keystrokes and read the status line.

Again, I wish they had made that accessibility fix less vebose. They could have given it the same accessibility attributes as it had prior to version 60.9 and things would have been OK.  Maybe if we all send them feedback they'll fix it.

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