locked why do topics get locked way to quickly?

Brian Sackrider

It seems that more and more moderators are locking topics way to quickly when they have not been going very long or have had that many messages.  I think theyare doing this because they don't want to read what people have to say.  They are being dictators here they are forgetting about our first amendment right tfree speech. This is America and if I was a moderator of an email list I would never never ristrict anyone's right to free speech.  I would never lock any topic no matter what no conditions.  Everyone should have their say and the chance to say what they want to say and if the moderator does not want to read it well thats just to bad.  This is getting way out of hand.  If you don't want to read several messages then don't read them thats what I doLet everyone write what they want to right with no restrictions or locking.  This is why I like mytelaspace because it's the only totally free system you can say what you want to say and if people don't like thats to bad.  Thats the way that should be for every email list.  If you complain to the adminastrator you are told to just press your one or 3 key if you don't want to hear the message.  This is America so get with the program and stop taking away our first amendment right to free speech.  This is the reason that lists often have low trafic because people can't say what they want to say on lists.  The topic that just got locked was not evengoing on for a whole day.  This was a new topic about a new problem that people were having so it should not have been locked so quickly what is wrong with the moderator?

Brian Sackrider  o

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