Re: How can I get the date from a Braille display?

Cordelia Scharpf



On both PCs (one Windows 10, the other Windows 7) running NVDA 2019.3.1 and with both the voice and Braille display turned on, I got the following:


NVDA+F12: announces and displays time

NVDA (held down)+F12 (twice rapidly): announces and displays date, including the  day





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Interesting observations.


Anybody else using a Braille display with a Braille keyboard who can check if it is possible to issue the command to show the date?




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Emne: Re: [nvda] How can I get the date from a Braille display?


By the way, and not using a braille display, when I wanted to get the date announced when NVDA was running I did hold down NVDA then hit F12 twice in rapid succession.

The original post makes me think that NVDA+F12,NVDA+F12 was being pressed twice in rapid succession.  I used NVDA+F12 followed by just F12 in rapid succession, never releasing the NVDA key before both F12s were pressed.   I got the Save dialog in word, or the show elements panel in Brave, if I did NVDA+F12, released NVDA and then hit F12 again quickly.  But never when I depress NVDA, keep it held, and then hit two F12s in rapid succession before releasing NVDA.

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