Re: Max Audio Pro problem

mohammad suliman

Hello Maria,

I also have a dell Vostro, and I encounter this dialog so often.
You can work around the accessibility issue of this interface by using object navigation if you're familiar with it. The name of each list item is the first child of each list item. If you aren't, let me know which option you want (what are you trying to connect to the laptop) , and I can give you some instructions how to choose that option, E.G how many times to press down arrow / tab etc...

All the best!

On Thu, 9 Apr 2020 at 02:50, Maria S <raynbo15@...> wrote:
Hi all. I discovered a small but annoying problem with my computer. It is a Dell inspiron and it has the Max Pro Audio interface. So when you plug something audio related into the computer, it pops up a dialog asking what device you just plugged in. Jaws will read this list, but NVDA will not. Ideally, I would like to uninstall this little middleman of a program, but failing that, does anyone know of a way to get NVDA to read this dialog?

Thanks, Maria   

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