Re: Thunderbird issue update (comments should be sent to GitHub): changes to Thunderbird is responsible for annoying status bar announcements


Status Update from Bugzilla:  Bug assigned, and fixed, as of an hour ago.  I don't know what the roll out cycle is for Thunderbird and this sort of fix.  I imagine it won't take long and will be in the third dot level, e.g., 68.7.1 (the current release is 68.7.0).

This whole episode is precisely the reason I keep harping on the need to file bugs. Complaining here is just that (and not that doing so is inappropriate), but without actually bringing the issues to the attention of those who can fix them it's generally a waste of breath (or typing).

My offer still stands that if anyone, at any point, wants to learn how to submit bug/issue reports I'll sit down with you and walk you through doing one, creating step-by-step instructions as we go.  That's how most of my step-by-steps have been created, by actually walking through a process myself and recording the steps or doing the same to assist someone else.  You can't really create a "fake bug" or you'd be justifiably run out of town on a rail.  Developers have enough to do already.

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