Re: Reading messages list in Mozilla Thunderbird


On Fri, Apr 10, 2020 at 03:42 PM, Brian Moore wrote:
Welcome to using a beta but this is the point isn't it?
Bless you, truly, for understanding the centrality and criticality of that point.  Many seem to thing that using beta software is about "being ahead of the curve" before the hoi polloi get there, and even I will admit to trying beta software for that purpose and that purpose alone, but always briefly.   If you're serious about using beta software as an "almost constant" then you are implicitly agreeing to be a tester, and that always includes the obligation to report issues.

Heaven knows that with what little exposure I had helping someone who unintentionally got on to 70b3 get off of it, there are lots and lots of issues with Tbird and NVDA that appear, based on what I know now, to be on the Tbird end.  Let's hope that they get identified and ironed out during beta and never make it to production.

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