Re: Thunderbird issue update (comments should be sent to GitHub): changes to Thunderbird is responsible for annoying status bar announcements


Well, according to the last bug update, someone identified the issue, and now another person has sighted the right wcag guideline so they acknowledged the issue.

This person is asking the guy that put out last nights note if he will take the job on fixing it, so, its possible that we could see a fix within the next week or so, who knows.

The bug has been fixed, now they need  to assign someone to handle the issue of fixing it.

I'd imagine that once that has been done, we can move to wards a solution.

The reason and solution have allready been implemented at least on paper so to speak and the right articles sighted on it.

So I shouldn't think it will take that much longer to fix and upload a fresh build.

I also got another message saying that there are not enough nvda users testing daily builds.

Now for obvious reasons if you guys listened to mine and jean's conversations about what happened the last time I tested unstable builds of anything on a single machine, I would feel unsafe testing nightly builds of everything especially since I don't have a system that I can dedicate to software testing as such, certainly not a system I could dedicate to actual testing, at least not one with adiquit power, something I could get up, build, test, and if it screws reformat and rebuild again.

Thats not saying that I won't try to get a system that I can do that to, but that may have to be in the future.

And while I do have virtual machine software, I don't have enough space to host more than 1 virtual machine, and certainly I don't have the space to host an instance of a machine for a long time longer than 24-48 hours, pluss a windows vertual on my system still has a few issues.

I don't have a licence to put on my vm so unless I either get an alegal one or search round for my win7 key for another system I have about so I can upgrade it then who knows.

I don't want to transpose my ms account licence of win10 over to  a test unit and it gets all kinds of complicated.

I do have some room for a test box, and well who knows.

On 11/04/2020 1:38 am, Kenny wrote:

Joseph, I ask you this question respectfully.

Will a quicker fix be made available via Mozilla, or the fine add-on developers who monitor these list daily?

I'm ready to switchback to MS mail due to this annoyance of NVDA reading everything being displayed on Thunderbird's mail status bar.

Couldn't the NVDA Mozilla apps enhancement add-on include some sort of fix to stop this until Mozilla gets around to removing the tag causing the problem?

On 4/10/2020 2:37 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hello NVDA users,


As requested by moderators, please direct further comments to GitHub issue:


A few minutes ago one of the NVDA code contributors tweeted that annoying status bar announcement issue is caused by changes made to Thunderbird itself. In short, Thunderbird placed a tag on its status bar that will cause NVDA to announce messages continuously (technical: ARIA role status was used for status bar).


Unless it is justified that NVDA should resolve this issue on its own, this issue is something Thunderbird developers should resolve.



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