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Felix G.

of course the world's most used web engine should be rock solid in
terms of accessibility. Thankfully, most of the time it actually is.
We are closer to the golden age of the accessible web than ever
before, which is the primary reason why the occasional glitch manages
to stand out so much.
Now that Flash is practically dead and in the process of being buried,
the next thing I'd love to see dead is the tangled mess of half-open
pseudo-standards we have come to know as pdf. Either trash it, or
revise it such that it simply fails validation if it's not accessible.

Am Fr., 10. Apr. 2020 um 12:48 Uhr schrieb mohammad suliman

Hello Brion!

Thanks for the appreciation and encouragement!
Yah i see that. Although I searched the tracker for similar issues, but couldn't find this one. In any case, I think that by raising this issue, we got the fix to be in a future Chrome 81 update, and not have to wait until 82 is released.

Thanks again!

On Thu, 9 Apr 2020 at 23:53, Brian Vogel <> wrote:


Just as an FYI, your report was deemed a duplicate and merged into

Issue 1069448: neither NVDA nore Jaws screen readers are able to read PDF documents in latest Chrome version 81 stable

It was deemed a regression bug, and apparently a fix has already been made as of earlier this afternoon. The final line of the issue above notes:

Good news, this is a duplicate of bug 1047856 which has just been verified as having been fixed. I'll merge this bug now. If you have any questions or concerns after Chrome updates with the fix, please let us know!

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