A Public Apology to Shaun Everiss Plus Bugzilla vs. GitHub


I want to apologize to Shaun, as I have been made aware that Bugzilla now will allow you to log in using your GitHub credentials.   That was not formerly the case, but like many interfaces that have begun doing stuff like "log in with Google," or "log in with Facebook," it appears that Bugzilla will allow you to log in using GitHub credentials.  This apology is sincere.  I based my comments on what had been longstanding practice for years, as well as what I saw on both bug reports, where Shaun is identified by a slightly different user name.  Still, not knowing how Bugzilla might handle user name extraction, I cannot know what credentials were used to log in and it is entirely possible he used his GitHub account credentials to access Bugzilla.

It is critical to recognize that Bugzilla and GitHub are two entirely separate bug reporting systems, each of which is used by different software developers.  There are also other project management systems out there besides those two.  With NVDA being on GitHub it gets discussed quite a bit more here off and on.  No matter what piece of software you might be wanting to file an issue or bug report, or even a formal feature request, for you must determine where it is to be reported.

I would never want to discourage anyone from "getting into the act" of doing bug/issue reporting and, again, thank Shaun Everiss for having taken the time and effort to have filed this one.  We'd never have seen as rapid a response and fix had that not been done.

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