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              The message in which I posted that tutorial dates from January 2018, and the actual content was written well before that, as I got in to the whole OCR processing with saving the text layer for PDFs for two of my clients who were graduate students at the time and were constantly getting old image scanned PDFs of articles that had no text layer associated with them, just the image.

              PDF-Xchange Viewer is discontinued software, according to Tracker Software, but it is still available for download and there have been patches since it went to discontinued status.  It is actually my preferred PDF viewer and it's what I use, but I can't recommend it for general use for screen reader users because it is nowhere near to accessible overall.  It's OCR function, however, is, and it works beautifully.  When you add in that you can download somewhere around 20 different languages in addition to English for OCR-ing it really can't be beat.  I had a client once whose first language is Swedish and that was one of the languages in the language add-on collection.

              The download page for PDF-XChange Viewer and several other archived discontinued products is:
The date on the last stable version of the software is December 16, 2018.

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