Re: Time Zoner addon for NVDA

Curtis Delzer

OK, just installed it, and you need to, while holding down alt-NVDA key, press t multiple times to get to other time zones.

Curtis Delzer
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On 4/11/2020 12:44 AM, Eilana Benish wrote:
Hello everyone
has anybody tried to work with Time Zonerthe addon for NVDA? <>;
·My default time zone is recognized and when pressing NVDA+Alt+T the time zone is announced
·To add more time zones , I am pressing the Configure Timezone Ring from the settings and Choose from the list the time zone I want to add so that when pressing NVDA + Alt + T, NVDA will read all the time zones I have added
·but something goes wrong .after I am selecting and pressing one of the time zones and then saving the configurations still NVDA don't read the added time zones
so, I am trying to understand if there is anything I am missing, or the problem is in the add on which is in developer stage right now
Great addon!
This is a great idea 4 dealing with the time zones issues from third party services and can be very helpful for screen reader users
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