Uninstalling/Reinstalling NVDA - What happens behind the scenes?


I have not done an NVDA Uninstall/Reinstall sequence in quite a while, though I have to believe what occurs during an upgrade is its equivalent, as the old NVDA is uninstalled and the new one installed in its place.  In that case, any user profile(s) you created and any add-ons you have are retained and ready to rock and roll in the newly installed new version of NVDA.

Does this work the same way if you manually uninstall NVDA and then reinstall it?  I have often done this sort of thing for Firefox and other programs where I know it is only the program itself, and not the associated user data in the form of profile(s) and extension(s)/add-on(s), that is removed.

Does the NVDA uninstaller behave in the same way, leaving the user data intact, when it's not doing an in-place upgrade from one version to the next?

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