StationPlaylist add-on 20.04.1 to go live on April 13th #addonrelease


Hello all,


For those celebrating it, happy Easter.


StationPlaylist add-on 20.04.1 will go live on April 13th. This version is identical to 20.04 stable version except:


  • Remote VT client support: you can now query all sorts of playlist and track information when reviewing remote playlists using Remote VT client. While connected to a station remotely with a remote playlist open, press Control+NVDA+number row 1 through 8 to review column information for tracks. You can also press Alt+NvDA+number row 1 through 4 to review information about a playlist (1: playlist date and time; 2: total duration of the playlist so far; 3: when the selected track is scheduled to broadcast; 4: rotation/schedule).


People using StationPlaylist Creator may notice that these commands are same as reviewing a playlist in Playlist Editor. In fact, playlist editor in Remote VT client uses similar interface to Creator’s playlist editor (people reading the add-on source code will notice similarities between Creator and Remote VT app modules). The biggest difference is ability to add a voice track, which will affect playlist duration on the remote side, and ability to differentiate between regular tracks and a voice track will be investigated soon.




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