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This is a detailed description of how to use most of the basics of Zoom.  Zoom is generally accessible and you don’t use screen-reader commands to work with the interface.  Therefore, future discussion should be moved to the chat room.  This is a long message.  those not interested in Zoom may want to skip the rest.
Install the program.  Unfortunately, due to ;poor design, you can’t see the interface you will be using during a meeting until you are able to connect to a meeting and in general, when a meeting isn’t in progress, the server is not available so you get a waiting for server message and can’t see the interface.  Once you can connect to a meeting, a screen comes up you can tab around and make certain choices.  You can also test your audio and your microphone.
You can then join the meeting but the program must see the server before it brings up this screen.  Why is the program designed in that way?  there should be some way that the program opens and shows the interface and allows you to do these things before you are in a meeting.
Once you have done the things you choose to do in the first screen and you have joined. tab around.  You will see a lot of things.  Everyone can speak and be heard without taking actions unless the moderator mutes users.  I suppose that individual users can be muted but in the very few meetings I have attended, I’ve only seen either everyone muted or no one muted.  There is a place you can tab to where you set your program to mute or unmute yourself.  If you are muted by the owner, you can’t unmute yourself.  If you try, you will get a message that you are muted by the owner and there is an ok button.
If you are not muted by the host, you can mute yourself and unmute yourself when you wish.
I consider this bad design.  Everyone should have to take an action when they want to speak such as hold a control key and they could keep the talking setting locked on for long presentations, say minutes.  But having everyone unmuted by default, hearing [people move or do something with their microphone, in a meeting I attended, I repeatedly heard someone rub or cover their microphone for a moment, then uncover it again over and over.  I heard a dog bark and I heard other things.  This unmuting everyone by default is bad design. 
You will see a full screen button.  Pushing it, use the space bar on buttons, will show you more options as you tab around.
If you want to know how to use the sending text messages function, I’ll explain it if you ask in the chat group.  I haven’t used it enough to explain every detail but I can explain how to find what you want by looking around and taking the action you want.  If you get into something and you tab around and don’t get back to the main screen, press escape one or more times until you tab and you are back on that screen.
There are a lot of short cut commands.  If you do a search for something like Zoom keyboard shortcuts, you will find pages listing some or all of them.  I haven’t used Zoom enough to have wanted to know much about these. 

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Hi list ken here with a question.  Was just now taking a look at the zoom site to see how it worked online.  I have attended a couple NFB virtual events but by phone.  Is there any instruction on how to use zoom if I want to go online rather than the phone and is there any add on with NVDA that might be useful on it?  With all the coronavirus stuff wiping out events we are going to be using zoom quite a bit I think.  We have an account now for our state affiliate of NFB with all the conference call lines tied up. Also our national convention will be virtual this year. 


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