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Oh wow! It’s been awhile since I have used skype.  I was taking a real strong liking to it in the xp days.  I never did use it with windows 7.  With the I devices I shared with my room mate. I use facetime. I have used skype on the I pad. It was not as good as it was with xp. When it was more stable.  I have facebook on the I pad I use facetime with those who have ipad.  Skype was good when you had other contacts in it. Facetime is more stable then skype.  Sorry this is a little off topic.  I hope whatever it is Google Chrome uses is just as stable and accessable just like skype.


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Well skype uwp is going away for good.

It seems that microsoft has decided to just write desktop apps and have them convert to uwp rather than writing uwp apps as they used to do.

I am not against this sort of thing as the old uwp platform is a bit hit and miss.



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It is my understanding that the current version of Skype is based on Electron, which uses Chromium internally. So is Microsoft Teams.


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Hello Ilana and all!

Agreed! Firefox is more stable when it comes to accessibility according to my experience also. Chrome is getting there I think. My issue with Chrome here that I really think that such a problem shouldn't found its way to the release version. This tells that Google isn't doing enough accessibility QA on Chrome I think, Which is really depressing! I have 4 apps installed on my system which are based on Chrome, besides Chrome itself of course. Those apps have bugs which originates from bugs in Chromium. What I am trying to say is that Google needs to be more careful in my opinion to not release versions of the software with bugs that affects the user experience, as much as they can of course, because those bugs will be present in other apps based on Chromium.

I think that skype soon will follow this trend and become a Chromium based app also, so this approach is gaining more and more popularity.


Have a great weekend!



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As far as reading PDF files I am strongly recommend reading with dedicated PDF readers especially with Adobe reader .

From my experience I think that Mozilla Firefox is the best browser ever as far as Accessibility and also security best support.

Sorry Google love you, but on other apps …



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I have reported it on Chromium bug tracker:

And a huge, massively huge thank you from me for having done so!!   Now if others activate that link, navigate to what NVDA announces as the "Star border" button (I think) and continues to say "to star this issue," and activates that button, we'll be getting somewhere.

In addition to bug reports like this, which are vital, the mechanisms that allow other users to effectively make the statement, "Hey, I've got this issue, too," by using them is what makes an issue bubble up in the priority for attention queue.

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