NVDA Repeats text that belongs 2 different rows when navigating with arrow keys in Microsoft Excel

Eilana Benish

Hello everybody

there is a real problem in Microsoft Excel  - I am using Microsoft Office 365 on Windows 10 .

let's say I have a spreadsheet with a table

·       in A1 the text is navigation menu

·       in A2 the text is contrast

·       in A3 the text is tables

if I am navigating with the up and down arrow keys , sometimes NVDA repeats other text in their previous cell . so if I am on A1 in the Excel spreadsheet , and then press down arrow to move to A2 in the spreadsheet , NVDA will read the text in the  A1 on the spreadsheet.

I was wondering if the developers off NVDA no about this issue

I do suggest that blind users will pay attention carefully to their Excel spreadsheets with data tables.

Best, Eilana


 ובכבוד רב | Sincerely,

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