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If you do not have the Add-Ons Documentation add-on installed, you need to do that, now, as it's what makes getting the documentation to come up.

The Audio Themes Add-On is quite complex, but the documentation is quite good.  After you have the previously mentioned add-on installed, open the NVDA main menu, Help, Running Add-Ons documentation option.  NVDA+N,H,D.  Then arrow down through your list of installed add-ons to fin the Audio Themes item, then hit Enter.  This opens the documentation in the web browser you have set as default.  Read it.

From all appearances you will be using the NVDA Main Menu, Audio Themes Option (NVDA+N,A) to open the Audio Themes Studio and will probably edit the Default audio theme supplied with the add on to your liking, which would mean choosing the Customize Existing Audio Theme button, allowing Default to remain selected, then activating the OK button (or hitting Enter).

After that, you're on your own, as there are very many things that can have sounds associated with them, and others that can be added that aren't already in the default list already.  I do not see anything related to making a sound play when typing regular characters, but I also may not know what that would be called.  The closest thing I can see is a selection for password edit, which I'm presuming is just to indicate you've landed in a password edit box.

You are the first person I know of who's using this add-on, and it has never been discussed before.  If you can accurately describe exactly what you're looking for, you would be well advised to contact the add-on developer, whose e-mail address is shown in the Manage Add-Ons dialog as Musharraf Omer <ibnomer2011@...>.  That or if you know someone using it that has whatever it is you want set up, ask how they did it.  And if neither of those routes pan out, playing with it to figure it out is what many have to do, including you.

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