Re: A suggestion regarding what I'll call Friendly Feedback messages

Ron Canazzi

Hi Brian,

If you follow my messages for help, I always end with:"Thanks for any help."

This solves the issue of thanking the person on list and saves me the trouble of mailing the person off list.  If the help has been really great, I mail them off list anyway.

On 4/12/2020 2:01 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
And it's only a suggestion, as I don't want to see them snuffed out.  Those of us who get them appreciate them and I know I'm motivated to send them when someone has helped me.

Consider sending things like, "Thanks," "That's great to know," or other non-technical content in response to assistance you've received via the Reply to Sender link at the end of the message where you got that help.  It does help to reduce group traffic and I know that I have had some very pleasant, and meandering, conversations where someone has approached me this way which would never have occurred had the thanks been offered on group.

I say this because as of this moment, we have 1297 members, and every message that gets posted to the group, including this one, lands in everyone's inboxes.  Anything each of us can do to limit actual on-group traffic to focus on NVDA itself is a kindness as it reduces inbox clutter for all those not directly involved in any sort of private exchange.  And while thanking someone isn't truly private, I believe you all understand what I mean in terms of group traffic being reduced.

Just something to consider.  It's not a rule, and I have no intention of lobbying for it to become such.

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