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enes sarıbaş

I see, this clears that up alot. But I thought office 365, current versions did not run on any OS except win10?

On 4/12/2020 1:23 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:
They will remain with Windows 10 App Essentials for now for two reasons:
1. These issues are caused by UIA notification event, found in Windows 10 Version 1709 (Fall Creators Update) and later.
2. Both fixes for Word 365 will be removed from the add-on once they are part of NVDA (one of them is as of recent alpha snapshots, the other will be part of NVDA alpha once I submit a pull request to NV Access).
Part of the reason why I bundle fixes like this in the add-on is in consideration for those using a version of NVDA that does not include fixes like this - a while ago I released Windows 10 App Essentials 19.11.5 emergency patch to let NVDA 2019.2.1 users use Edge 79 or later without turning off UI Automation, which NVDA 2019.3 do have a built-in fix for; same will be the case with Word 365 fixes.

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I recently noticed that several fixes for the UIA issues in office 365 were bundled together with Windows 10 app essentials. However, Microsoft Office is a distinctly seperate product from Windows 10, therefore, wouldn't it be prudent to have an additional addon called office365 essentials to deploy these and future fixes=?

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