Re: I'm not able to update to the latest version of nvda!


On Sun, Apr 12, 2020 at 07:11 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:
I advise not advertising beta software
Not to mention that the beta won't be picked up by the check for updates feature (NVDA+N,H,C) in a production release.

I can't imagine why NVDA 2019.3 would not pick up on 2019.3.1 unless it was already offered in the last 24 hours and declined.  I seem to recall that if you decline it sets some sort of flag that won't offer the update again until the following day.  If the same flag is also checked by Check for Updates and happens to be set, that might do it.

Joseph, I imagine you might be able to confirm or refute my speculation and if so, please do so.

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