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I just tested the latest zoom with jaws, and I am able to successfully navigate text fields and use the arrow keys to review text that I have written, where as with NVDA, at least, the old version that I'm using on my old system, I am unable to handle edit fields as easily.
Is this a fault with zoom, NVDA, or jaws?
How does the latest NVDA handle text fields in zoom. Can you type things in and then review what you've typed with the arrows?

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With regards Zoom isn't there a tutorial or podcast on the subject? I
can't remember who did it.


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Zoom is quite accessible with NVDA. I have been using it off and on since
last April.
If we don't take time to think before we speak we may find ourselves in a
situation where our speech becomes a bit stinky!
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Hi list ken here with a question. Was just now taking a look at the zoom
site to see how it worked online. I have attended a couple NFB virtual
events but by phone. Is there any instruction on how to use zoom if I want
to go online rather than the phone and is there any add on with NVDA that
might be useful on it? With all the coronavirus stuff wiping out events we
are going to be using zoom quite a bit I think. We have an account now for
our state affiliate of NFB with all the conference call lines tied up. Also
our national convention will be virtual this year.

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