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Hi Joseph,

I am wondering. I almost never get the full installer from the website now that you have the automatic updater which prompts you with every new release.  As per your description, I was able to find the updates folder under program files (x86)\NVDA \systemConfig folder structure. If when I am prompted to update NVDA, I should choose the later option and then go and copy the file from the updates folder and leave the original in that folder, would that interfere with the automatic updates when a few minutes later, I chose to install the update?  If not, that's a nice way to get the original installer in the event that you have a system crash where a reformat is necessary.

On 4/12/2020 8:01 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:


If you tell NVDA to remind you later, it will remind you of an update later.

Technical: the following goes into how NVDA update actually takes place (a bit geeky):

The NVDA updater component will check for, download, and apply NVDA updates. This is divided into the following parts:

  • Update checker: this component will access NVDA update server and will fetch update information based on certain details about your machine such as Windows version, processor architecture, NVDA version you’ve got and what not.
  • The NVDA update check interface that presents the actual update check dialog.
  • Update downloader: this component consists of a file transfer agent and the user interface to report download progress.
  • NVDA installer: updates NVDA given specific flags.
  • Update check timer: a timer that will activate the components above every 24 hours if NVDA is told to check for updates automatically.
  • Update check database: a Python-specific data file (a pickle file) that records the last update check timestamp, the update version presented, pending update installer file (if this is such a case) and other settings.


When you or NVDA check for updates:

  1. NVDA will access its own update server hosted on
  2. NVDA will pass on information about your NVDA installation such as whether it is an installed copy, Windows version, processor architecture, NVDA version, and if you enabled them, information about current speech synthesizer and braille display in use and other various information used for collecting statistics.
  3. NV Access server will then present either a dictionary-like data detailing any updates it finds, the download URL for the update so the update download agent can fetch it, the hash of the update file and other information. Alternatively, NV Access will say nothing (returns empty data), which means there is no update.
  4. NVDA will then present the appropriate message (update is ready or no update).
  5. If you do choose to download the update, after presenting the donation screen, the update download agent will download the update file, periodically letting NVDA know the transfer progress.
  6. If you do decide to be reminded, NVDA will not remind you for a while.
  7. After downloading (i.e. transferring) the update file, NVDA will ask if you would like to install now or do it later.
  8. If you do choose to install then, the just downloaded NVDA installer will run with special flags, telling it to update NVDA.
  9. If you choose to install the update later, it’ll save the downloaded installer to a special folder named “updates” inside user configuration folder and will add an option to exit NVDA dialog, which will let you install NVDA whenever you are ready.







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On Sun, Apr 12, 2020 at 07:11 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

I advise not advertising beta software

Not to mention that the beta won't be picked up by the check for updates feature (NVDA+N,H,C) in a production release.

I can't imagine why NVDA 2019.3 would not pick up on 2019.3.1 unless it was already offered in the last 24 hours and declined.  I seem to recall that if you decline it sets some sort of flag that won't offer the update again until the following day.  If the same flag is also checked by Check for Updates and happens to be set, that might do it.

Joseph, I imagine you might be able to confirm or refute my speculation and if so, please do so.

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