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On Sun, Apr 12, 2020 at 10:41 PM, Marie wrote:
Is there any way to apply the column change to all folders, or do you have to change it in all folders separately?
Yes.  If you look back in the original instructions, I mentioned that when you hit ALT+O to open the list of all Thunderbird columns in Thunderbird itself, beneath that list are two controls:

Restore Column Order  (to Thunderbird Default Order)
Apply Columns To (which I have never used, but it allows you to apply your settings above to other folders in Thunderbird)

After you have your columns arranged exactly as you'd want them to be in all folders, use ALT+O to open the column list and get focus on the Apply columns to control.  Once activated, you are given two suboptions, Folder and Folder and its children.  You will want to use Folder and its children.  When you open this suboption you are then presented with a list of the e-mail inboxes you have (generally your accounts) along with Local folders.  When you select either one of the accounts, that will then open with the account at the top, and all of the subfolders beneath it, allowing you to select individual subfolders if you so choose.  In this case, just select the account at the top of that list and all IMAP subfolders should then be arranged in Thunderbird with the same column order you have arranged for the inbox.  You must go through the Apply columns to control and its suboptions for each account, if you have multiple accounts.  If you also want your local folders, usually only Trash and Outbox, to have that same order you need to do it for them, too.  I would proceed with caution on the Trash and Outbox folders.

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