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Well I was thinking about setting up a network at home.

However server 2012 is quite an old bit of software and views online seem a bit hit and miss with some saying  everyone should go nas.

My plan was to fiddle with a dedicated server for say virtual machines, testing of software including insider windows tests, thunderbird tests, etc, also a media server and a something to experiment with the wsus system.

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Unless you are planning on setting up a network at home I am not sure how it will be a benefit to you.
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Hi all.

I am not sure if this should fit here or on win10 list but here goes.

I am in a position where I can obtain from one of my computer shops the last clearance coppy of windows server 2012 for about 40 dollars.

Usually windows server is 200-500 bucks and up depending on cores and what its for, etc.

Is it worth me getting something like this.

I will most likely be using this thing at home, maybe not in a broad business things,.

I want to experiment with things like a wsus server, and maybe some sort of media server.

I also want to have a play about.

Question, is it worth it or am I shooting myself in the foot by getting somthing this old.

I know that to install it I may need assistance, however is it accessible for blind users once up and running.

I assume it will have narator and I will have nvda on it.

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