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When installing Server 2016 and later, you'll be offered to install:
* Windows Server year: Server Core (command-line driven, limited GUI, provides all server features)
* Windows Server year Desktop Experience: Server Core along with full Windows user interface and feel (best suited for remote access or app server)
Once you make a choice, there is no going back without a clean install.
Windows Server is useful if you need to create and manage a domain or need to become familiar with Windows Server technologies such as Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), Active Directory (Domain Services, Certificate Services, domain controller management, rights management and many others), System Center suite (Configuration Manager, Virtual Machine Manager, etc.), server-side Hyper-V, Windows Server containers, and in case of one variant, server-side cloud infrastructure (Nano Server, only available to businesses through Software Assurance which isn't cheap (thousands of dollars)). A base Windows Server 2019 Standard license costs at least 800 dollars, and Windows Server 2019 Datacenter costs at least 3000 dollars; more users and devices managed by a server means more costs (called Client Access Licenses or CAL's). As I said, if you want to learn to manage Active Directory or need to use Windows Server technologies in a job setting, I advise staying away from Windows Server.
Joseph P.S. I use Windows Server Insider Preview builds when I need to test next Windows 10 LTSC builds, which is rare.

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Hmmm that is what I had been advised to joseph.

Its just that that coppy has been sitting on the shelf for ages at 41 dollars and I have been tempted to buy it several times but from my local tech its not worth it.

I will look at server 2019 or 2016 then.

Hmmm so its better to get server with a desktop experience.

I can see server for a number of cores, where would I get server with desktop or is that just one of the options.

On 13/04/2020 6:32 pm, Joseph Lee wrote:
You'll need sighted assistance to install it (install Desktop Experience, not Server Core), and after that, you'll need to enable Windows Audio service (set to start automatically). It would be much better to get Server 2016 or later, but...

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Hi all.

I am not sure if this should fit here or on win10 list but here goes.

I am in a position where I can obtain from one of my computer shops the last clearance coppy of windows server 2012 for about 40 dollars.

Usually windows server is 200-500 bucks and up depending on cores and what its for, etc.

Is it worth me getting something like this.

I will most likely be using this thing at home, maybe not in a broad business things,.

I want to experiment with things like a wsus server, and maybe some sort of media server.

I also want to have a play about.

Question, is it worth it or am I shooting myself in the foot by getting somthing this old.

I know that to install it I may need assistance, however is it accessible for blind users once up and running.

I assume it will have narator and I will have nvda on it.

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