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On Mon, Apr 13, 2020 at 11:58 AM, Marie wrote:
I somehow missed this part of the procedure.
You didn't miss it, I had described its existence, but mentioned that I never used it.  Tried it out last night and it works like a charm (at least for all my accounts, which are all using IMAP access).

The reason I preached caution, and you may need to go back and rearrange your Sent folder, in particular, is that what you generally want as column order for inbox and any "incoming message box" you might sort/filter things to is different than you want on your Sent folder.  For instance, in any incoming box most of us are interested in the field that our e-mail client uses to show who a message is from (From in the case of Thunderbird, Sender in others).  But in your sent box, since it's you that sent it, the From field is always going to show you, and you don't care about that.  What generally gets shown in Sent is the To field, who you sent it to, which is the important bit on a sent message.

So be aware, that if you do a global change to all your mailboxes based upon your inbox, you will likely need to go back to the Sent box and tweak it, and it alone, to have the columns you want to be looking at, in the order you want them since some of those will not be the same as inbox.

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