Re: Any accessible hex editors for screen reader users?



          My search was for ONLINE hex editors.  There's nothing to download.  Also, the point was that someone else said they knew of a few but didn't have the URLs for same, and often just seeing them again in a search list will turn on the light bulb.  That's why I posted it, as there really aren't that many online ones available.

          I agree that one should try to avoid the tedium of download and try to the extent possible, but in the case of something as esoteric as this, if you're looking for one that resides on your machine, that's likely going to be part of the work if no one can identify an accessible one to begin with.  It is a PITA, but one that all of us, and for accessibility reasons or otherwise, have had to slog through upon occasion when no one could give a short list.  And if you find yourself having to do this, posting later about what you found that is accessible is a really, really good thing to do.

           Even if you give the online ones a quick try, and identify a couple that are accessible, posting which ones are is a really, really good thing to do.

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