Chrome issue reappearing in Firefox

Clarissa Mitchell


A few weeks ago, I had reported about checkboxes not working with NVDA
and Chrome. Now, a similar thing is happening in Firefox. I'm in the
middle of filling out a survey, so I can't link the exact page here.
It has this weird thing where there's what I would assume is supposed
to be a slider, and usually I can access those with NVDA by pressing
insert+space and then using left and right arrows to move the slider.
However, this one doesn't appear to work that way. I press next, and
of course the same page comes back and it says "please select an
answer." But this time, instead of a slider with 1 through 7, they are
radio buttons. And no matter how many times I try, the spacebar will
not check any of them! Or at least, NVDA will not tell me if it is
checked. Press next without choosing an answer again, and it's back to
the weird slider thing. Then it goes back to radio buttons. If I use
JAWS, I can press enter and technically it will work, but I have no
way of knowing which answer I chose because all it says is choice #1
and choice #7, no in-between. And another strange thing with NVDA,
for some reason, the F key, which should cycle through form elements
on the page, isn't working at all. I don't know if this is even
reproduceable, because it seems to occur for me at random.

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