Re: strange results when navigating by character

Monte Single

No, I mean it says the character that is there plus a lot of garbage.

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hi do you mean repeating characters or reporting incorrect characters when you are navigating in the web?
do you see this behaviour in editable texts?
do you see in for example form fields?
which synthesizer are you using?

On 4/14/20, Monte Single <mrsingle@...> wrote:
Hi List,

I'm using win 7 with current nvda, office 2013 and current chrome on
this machine.

When moving through web pages, mail and other items n items I get
strange results when navigating by character.

I may be moving backorf forth through words in a line and as I move
from character to character, I hear way more stuff than the single character.

Sometimes it sounds like severals characters or even words.

Have I accidentally turned on something in nvda that causes this?



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