Re: Tips for a new nvda user

Gerardo Corripio

Of overall importance, the voice that it uses. I’ve a friend here in Tampico, who wasn’t convinced of what NVDA had to offer, until he came across the Valeria Akapela voice; now he says if he could have that voice for life, he’d switch fulltime to NVDA.

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El 14 abr 2020, a la(s) 9:55 a.m., Judith Pelaez via <judithp1997@...> escribió:

Hi guys,
Yes, I do have friends who use NVDA on a daily basis but still, I wanted to get some other points of you as well.
What do you think is essential for a user to have to be able to use NVDA comfortably on a daily basis?
I appreciate everyone’s help and I hope you stay safe and have an amazing evening/day/night.

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