Re: Reading PDFs in Edge Seemingly Broken

Ron Canazzi

Hi Sascha,

I am not having difficulty reading PDF documents in Edge. However, I am having trouble with the shortcut keys. Alt + S for settings alt + H for help and so on. None of them seem to work.  I have to use the tab key to access the tool bar to get at any of these items.  I wonder if anyone else is having this difficulty.

On 4/14/2020 2:31 AM, Sascha Cowley via wrote:
Hi All,

It would seem that, as of Edge version 81, reading PDFs with NVDA is broken. The contents of the document can still be found using the navigator, but the document is reported as being blank in browse mode.

The issue seems to have been fixed in Edge version 83, but this is still 2 versions (6-12 weeks) away from becoming a stable release, and much can change in that time.


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