Re: Reading PDFs in Edge Seemingly Broken


Ron, I have to do the same thing on Edge. If I want to read PDF files I thought it was just me. Confirmed with the latest build of NVDA


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From: Ron Canazzi
Sent: April 14, 2020 8:05 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Reading PDFs in Edge Seemingly Broken


Hi Sascha,


I am not having difficulty reading PDF documents in Edge. However, I am

having trouble with the shortcut keys. Alt + S for settings alt + H for

help and so on. None of them seem to work.  I have to use the tab key to

access the tool bar to get at any of these items.  I wonder if anyone

else is having this difficulty.



On 4/14/2020 2:31 AM, Sascha Cowley via wrote:

> Hi All,

> It would seem that, as of Edge version 81, reading PDFs with NVDA is

> broken. The contents of the document can still be found using the

> navigator, but the document is reported as being blank in browse mode.

> The issue seems to have been fixed in Edge version 83, but this is

> still 2 versions (6-12 weeks) away from becoming a stable release, and

> much can change in that time.

> Regards,

> Sascha




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